ASPIRE is about actively pursuing being better. 

Our goal is to showcase innovative sustainability efforts to as many people as possible.  

In doing so, we hope to mobilize advocates and activists which ignite positive ripple effects for society and our planet.

Aspire People


BETH ST. JOHN, Founder & CEO - Urbanist, Urban Cyclist, Strategic Collaborator

I have an MBA from Wharton, and a real education from the South Side of Chicago. My professional background is in international program development, brand management, and strategic communications consulting.   

Environmental advocacy and Equity are important to me.   I've been on two Minneapolis neighborhood boards which advocate to improve the livability of those communities, and I've  held leadership positions at several internationally focussed nonprofits.  Now, I'm living and working in Amsterdam with my partner, Tom, and our family.  

Tom Moran, Mountain Biking

TOM MORAN, Advisor - Cyclist, Urbanist, Advocate

I’ve been a cycle commuter and mountain biker for more than three decades while working in the Arts, Media and Technology industries. I’ve lived in London, Minneapolis and Amsterdam and have been involved in environmental advocacy since I was a teenager with my first job being a canvasser for Greenpeace.  I am currently the EMEA Sustainability Mobility project leader at CenturyLink.  My work with Aspire involves collaborating to develop ideas and strategies, leading cycle tours and promoting best practices for sustainable urban mobility in the public and private sectors.


Tony Hull, STEP-NL! Program Leader

Tony Hull, of Civilstreet, is a freelance non-motorized Transportation Consultant with over 15 years of experience in planning, designing and evaluating active transportation projects. Tony has developed a national reputation for his work that includes leading planning and research studies, facilitating workshops and trainings, and providing technical expertise for a wide range of active transportation projects. This expertise includes pedestrian and bicycle facility design, accessibility, safety analysis, bike sharing, data collection and evaluation, traffic calming, community engagement, and social equity.

Billy Fields, STEP-NL! Program Leader

Billy Fields is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Texas State University. His research focuses on understanding the key elements of resilient communities. He has examined resiliency from transportation, urban planning, public health, and hazard mitigation perspectives. Dr. Fields is co-editor of the spring 2013 release by Island Press, Transport Beyond Oil. Prior to joining Texas State University, Dr. Fields was Director of the Center for Urban and Public Affairs at the University of New Orleans and Research Director for the Rails to Trails Conservancy where he developed and explored the concept of trail-oriented development. 


Pete Woodhead, Photographer & Media Consultant

I have never owned a car and support Aspire's work and mission by volunteering my services as a photographer, creative copy writer/editor, and media consultant.  Currently, I live in London and serve as the Social Media Manager at Southbank Centre.


Ashlyn Kehoe, Program Development Intern

I am currently taking a gap year and plan to travel to Russia, Turkey, Greece, and France.   I spent one semester during high school in Switzerland and I've been on cultural immersion programs to St Lucia and Sierra Leone.  In addition to assisting Aspire with program development, I am teaching English during the spring of 2020 in  Nepal and will be traveling to Bhutan.   In the fall of 2020, I'll be majoring in Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy and Economics at Trinity College Dublin .